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The Nokia Data Gathering server is used to create and make surveys available to registered users and their mobile devices. Responses from the users’ mobile devices are sent to the server over the mobile network, a wireless network or a cable connection. The server is also used to export data to CSV and Excel formats, administer users, devices, questionnaires and responses, map real-time GPS-based data, and review results as selected graphics.

After logging in to the server, you will see the list of surveys that are available to you as a user, as in the figure below:


Survey List

Each survey will have a SURVEY NAME, DATE, PUBLISHER and the number of RESULTS that have been sent back for that particular survey. If there are responses received for a particular survey, then the number of responses will appear as a clickable a link to the Results page, from which you can view the received responses.

You can filter the surveys by clicking on either Building for surveys that are still in the process of being created or built, Available for those that have been made available to users or All to show all surveys irrespective of state.


Survey Filter to show only surveys currently being built

To return to the default list, which shows all surveys (i.e to turn off the filter) click the red highlighted text.

To send a survey to a device, you need to make it Available by clicking on Send and then choosing a user (this is different from previous versions of Nokia Data Gathering where surveys needed to be explicity made Available in the editor) . After a survey is made Available it can no longer be edited. It can however be duplicated and then edited again. To do this click the duplicate icon on the survey toolbar.


Duplicate a survey

The new duplicated survey can be edited and saved as needed until it is sent to a device. Then its Building status will change to Available and no further editing is allowed. Such a process is an easy way to implement simple version control for surveys.

Other functions available in the survey toolbar are (in order) Download, Upload, Send, Edit and Delete.

Clicking Download opens a browser File Save dialog and the raw survey xml can be saved. This is a useful function if for example the survey can only be passed onto a device using USB or bluetooth as may be the case if no cellular network is available.


Download a survey

Upload is the same process but in reverse and is only available when Building surveys. When a survey is uploaded by a user it will appear in the servers main admin user survey list.

Upload Survey

Survey Upload dialog box

and is a useful function if for example a user has an existing survey created using another Open Rosa compatible survey builder that they wish to use with Nokia Data Gathering. Clicking Send presents a list of Users and Groups with their corresponding telephone numbers

Send Survey

Send Survey dialog with User and Group Names and Phone Numbers

select the check box next to the Username and then the Done button to send the survey to that user. Clicking the select box next to a Group name will show all users in that Group who can then be selected as before. Clicking the select box next to the Username header selects all users or offers the option to select all if some are not currently visible in the window

Select All Users

Select All Users

The final button on the survey toolbar is Edit and clicking this on a survey in the Building state shows the Editor which is integrated in Nokia Data Gathering. If rather than editing an existing survey you would like to create a new one click the plus + icon

Add survey

Survey Creation

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